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The last program you will ever need

Transform with PilatesBodyWorkout


How many times were you promised a Pilates Body, but never saw results?

Meet Natalya

PilatesBodyWorkout was created by Natalya as a simple, effective and sustainable program.

No lotions, potions, pills, elixirs or crash dieting.

Pilates, nutrition, walking and unparalleled coaching support to get you into the best shape of your life. Guaranteed!*

You want RESULTS!

This is the last program you'll ever need.

* Results are Guaranteed!! So long as you adhere to 85% of the program elements.

Why it Works:

  • Custom Built Pilates Program

  • The only Pilates Program to track Nutrition, activity level, and more to get you RESULTS!

  • Curated meal plans and Nutrition guides

  • Premium one to one coaching every step of the way


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