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Free Information Everywhere

If you want six-pack abs you can google step by step instructions on how to get them.

If you want to learn the classical Pilates mat sequence you can find it on Youtube.

And guess what? Every single diet ever invented is searchable.

So…with all this FREE information a click away, how come everyone isn’t walking around with a six-pack while moving, looking and feeling fabulous?

It is obvious we don’t have an information problem.

We have a significant implementation problem.

We often know, at least somewhat, the changes we need to make:

  • Drink more water

  • Hit the Pilates mat more often

  • Limit our alcohol

  • Go to sleep earlier

  • Get in 10,000 steps and so on

There are two differentiators between those who WANT results and those who GET results.

#1 Accountability:

Taking ownership of your situation.

I know you’re expecting me to now plug the PBW Transformation Program that includes customized programming, accountability, nutrition and coaching, but that’s not where I’m headed.

(Though I probably should!). Here’s the link in case that peaks your curiosity.

Instead I’m going to take this in a different direction and talk about the second differentiator:

#2 Implementation:

Along with all the fitness information on the internet you can also google “How to Build a House.”

This doesn’t mean that because the instructions are out there on the World Wide Web that you should actually consider you will be successful in demolishing your home and building one from scratch!

Same goes with “instructions” on how to be fit, healthy, optimize your health and go from survival mode to thrive mode.

Implementation of the basics can seem straight forward, but that’s most often where we get stuck.

So what’s the work around?

A) Put something on the line:

Tell your best friend that if you don’t hit the mat at least 4 days/week this month and lay off the gin and tonics you’re donating $500 to the charity of their choice.

B) Get an accountability partner:

Did you know you could FaceTime your friends and do a group PilatesBodyWorkout session together all at the same time? And now with Covid restrictions lifting and spring around the corner your can do PilatesBodyWorkout in the park followed by a chat and your 10,000 steps.

C) Seriously consider the PBW Transformation Program 😉

The women I work with are so successful in achieving their goals that they renew their membership into Phase II and III of the program and beyond.

They love it.

They see results.

They feel so much better.

The results are sustainable.

Remember when you pay for something, you pay attention.

You are worth it!

See you on the mat,

Natalya xo


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