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Low Back Pain? Astonishing fact...


If you have ever experienced back pain, you know it is equally excruciating and terrifying.

It can be challenging to know what will relieve the pain and what small movements will ignite it.

So, you begin to move less to avoid the pain. Less movement often means weight gain and feeling stiff, old and immobile.

I have taught countless people with back pain. Each one of them experienced it for different reasons.

The good news?

I developed PilatesBodyWorkout to meet you where you are.

I teach you how to move confidently without wincing in pain.

Approximately half of all members I work with in the Transformation Program enter the program with back pain. Half! And they leave the program with significantly less to absolutely no back pain. That's a big deal!

Sure, I love to post the before and after progress photos of my members who drop 16 lbs and 3 inches in their waist.

But it's difficult to quantify how incredible it feels to move and live without back pain.

Here are my 5 tips for back pain:

#1. You do NOT have to suck it up and live with back pain.

#2. Yes, you can and will experience change and transformation from back pain with PilatesBodyWorkout

#3. Back pain demands some patience. We need to slow down to investigate how to move better.

#4. Spinal mobility is paramount for back health. Watch this video to learn a PBW movement to keep your back supple.

#5. Strong abdominals protect the lower back. Try this PBW video and fire up your abs.



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