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Natalya Sebastian PilatesBodyWorkout balancing pilates exercise on black workout wear

For anything to work it has to be congruent with the rhythm of our lives. It has to fit in, some way, some how into the fabric of our day to day otherwise it is more of an occasional hobby than part of your lifestyle.

PilatesBodyWorkout is designed to fit into those little spaces in your day. You can conveniently stop, drop and Pilates literally anytime. But of course, I encourage you to make a place holder for PBW on a regular basis. Claim the time. Make it Pilates.

Maybe that plank isn’t just a plank? Maybe it’s you showing up and showing yourself you CAN do it. Maybe it is a way to channel your energy, get your sweat on, celebrate a small win or work through an unexpected glitch. Whatever you are feeling, however you’re feeling, your mat and I are always waiting to greet you and meet you as you are.

See you on mat! Anytime, anywhere!




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