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Have You Ever Seen Yourself Working Out?

Pilatesbodyworkout Natalya Sebastian

It's a simple question. Do you know what you look like when you're practicing Pilates?

Some of us are mirror junkies. We need our reflection to watch each movement like a private investigator.

Others of us find the mirror distracting and a downer.

Whichever group you fall into, it's worth asking yourself: What do you look like when you do Pilates?

Are you distracted by your phone, the dust bunny on the floor, that email you forgot to send or the need for a pedicure?

Are you so focused that you can visibly see the stress in your eyes and the tension in your shoulders?

Are you tired and not giving it your all?

We all want to report, "I did my Pilates session!" (Insert gold star falling out of the sky and into your hands).

But the focus should be HOW did you practice Pilates?

What level of commitment to the session was there? Did you squeeze-out the juice out of every single movement?

Did you push as hard as you would if you had an audience?

Did you smile, enjoy and feel the feels?

Only you know the answer to the above questions.

So, this week as you Stop, Drop and Pilates, take a moment to collect yourself, focus, and decide if a mirror would be helpful for alignment and motivation.

Take a video of yourself practicing Pilates so you can see your form and notice things that are hard to feel.

This week I want you to say, "I practiced Pilates, AND it was fabulous!"



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