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The Secret to Youth

I know you're expecting me to say Pilates.

Yes, Pilates is a keystone to longevity.

The creator of Pilates (Joseph) himself is famous for saying:

"You are only as young as your spine is supple."

Pilates has countless benefits and positive outcomes backed by science:

  • core strength

  • improved posture

  • decreased back pain

  • enhanced body awareness

  • injury prevention

  • improves mobility and flexibility

  • improves balance

  • improves sex life

  • reduces menstrual pain

  • decreases stress

  • improves cognitive function

Do you notice something fundamental missing from this list?

You would be right if you said "Strength Building" to yourself!

Do you build muscular strength and endurance from Pilates? Yes!

But you cannot increase the size of your muscles with Pilates.

I know what you're thinking "Great! I don't want to look like the Hulk."

But that is the WRONG mindset. Here's why:

Muscle is the currency of youth.

Think of someone elderly who has sarcopenia (the deterioration of muscle). They cannot even get up out of a chair without assistance. Walking becomes difficult, if not impossible. Opening a heavy door or a cabinet is strenuous for them.

When you think of a youthful person, you may not conjure up an image of a muscular Olympic athlete, but you certainly don't think of someone weak and unable to open a jar of pickles.

Let me tell you WHY Strength Training is the fountain of youth:

  • It helps you burn more calories

  • Boosts your metabolism (you can eat more because your body needs the energy)

  • Decreases abdominal fat

  • Gives your body more shapeliness

  • Makes you leaner

  • Strengthens your bones (Hello Osteoporosis)

  • Helps manage your blood sugar levels

  • Reduces the risk of major diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

I want to tell you Pilates does this too, but the science doesn't show that.

If this captures your interest and you have questions (which I bet you do), you want answers. Watch my Instagram Live with W Perform founder Marcus Mackay.



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