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Here is a crazy story!

I started working with Sarah (not her real name) almost two years ago. She practiced PilatesBodyWorkout because she had goals: Sleek arms and legs A shapely butt Toned Abs Fitting into her LBD (little black dress) and feeling fabulous Sarah dropped 15 lbs, 2 inches in her waist, and felt great in her LBD. Unexpectedly Sarah got sick. Very sick with a major organ issue. It wasn't long before she underwent a high-risk operation that resulted in bed rest. When I spoke to her following the surgery, she said: "The only reason I can lift my hips in bed or my head and get to the bathroom is PilatesBodyWorkout. I can't imagine recovering from this surgery without putting in the work with your program." You might think you workout to look great. It's part of it, or all of it right now. But remaining in optimal health and strong physical fitness means so much more. It means recovering when you get injured or fall ill. It means adding years to your LIFE! It means being able to get around a resort you didn't expect would have so many flights of stairs. Being fit allows you to bend down and lift your favourite kid or crawl under the sofa to find all sorts of relics and dust bunnies without throwing out your back. You may be reading this and thinking I'm twenty or thirty. I have time. NO! You do not. That 30-year-old body is what you will live your 40ties, 50ties and beyond in. Take care of it NOW. Remaining fit now means moving around pain-free in the future and never having to say, "I'd love to go (insert activity here), but my back/knees/neck hurt." Practicing PilatesBodyWorkout assures you are aging backward or, put another way, gracefully in a strong, powerful, capable body. If you need a reason to hit the mat...a little motivation... let the idea that you will live longer, but in a better state, if you keep putting in the effort now. xo Natalya

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