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Nobody is talking about this...

January it's a tough month, And often an abrupt transition between the old year and the year.

We put pressure on ourselves to do great things:

I'm going to workout every day! I'm going to eat healthily and stop with junk. I'm going to lose weight and look phenomenal. I'm going to stop cursing and meditate. I'm going to be happy.

But people need to talk about HOW this is all supposed to happen.

You have 12 months and 365 days in 2023.

That's a lot of time to break down your goals and slowly work toward them.

This is how we do it in the PBW Transformation Program:

1. List your TOP 3 goals for 2023

Example: Take a vacation, lose 10 lbs, and read a book a month.

2. Action Steps

Take Vacation:

Where's the vacation, when, budget, and duration?

Lose 10lbs:


1lb/month = 10lbs by October 2lbs/month = 10lbs by May 4lbs/month = 10lbs by March!

How will you lose it?

10,000 steps 5 days/week PilatesBodyWorkout 4 days a week. Stick to my daily caloric range (click HERE to learn more)

Read a Book a month:

What books? Make a list of 12 to read in the year. When are you reading? Time-block it in your weekly schedule. Accountability? Post about it on your social or tell a friend monthly about your readers.

You have TIME.

Spread out your goals.

Make a plan.

Have actionable steps.

See the results come to reality.



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