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How do you recover?

It doesn't matter what climate or place on the planet you live in. Seasonal sickness is part of life. Falling ill can disrupt our training flow and progress. Anytime we go to move our body, there is a chance of injury. That's just a fact of life. Injuries happen, and they can also derail not only our progress, but our enthusiasm to keep being active. I've heard it all: "I'm so broken. I can't workout." "I'm so old. Everything hurts." "I'm so weak after the flu. I'll start back up next week." Here are FIVE simple ways to get back on track safely and sustainably following injury or illness: 1. LITTLE AND OFTEN: Instead of aiming to do a 45-minute Pilates session, do only 10-15 minutes 5 days a week. Little doses of PilatesBodyWorkout consistently build momentum and builds your body back up. 2. SLOW AND STEADY: Avoid the mindset of wanting to make up for lost time and do the most strenuous session of all time. Going too hard too fast will hinder your progress long term. 3. BEAUTIFUL THINKING: Mindset is critical. Remember to repeat only positive affirmations about getting healthy following illness or healing from injury: I will get better. I will heal. Each day I am getting stronger. 4. NOURISH: When we are sick, our appetite can be low. Then there's this surge of hunger as we begin to feel better. Be cautious not to refuel with junk. Offer your body the highest quality and nutrient-dense foods possible. Examples include fruits, vegetables, lean meats (chicken, fish, beef), legumes, lentils, whole grains, soups, stews, and plenty of water. When you are injured, your activity level often decreases for healing, meaning fewer calories are burned. So you must be vigilant that your food intake reflects that you are less physically active. 5. ASK FOR HELP: Especially with injuries, get help with healing. PilatesBodyWorkout members have had hip replacements, knee surgery, SI pain, skiing accidents, broken bones, etc. The 1-1 coaching program effectively manages injury and expedites healing. xo Natalya


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