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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Tailbone.

Do you know where your tailbone is? I’m serious! What about your pubic bone? This is not the time to be shy because the more you know about where exactly things are on your body, the better result you’ll have in successfully connecting to muscles you’ve never felt and movements you never thought possible to achieve.

This week I’ve teamed up with Sports and Pelvic Physiotherapist Kate Roddy. We are going live on Thursday, January 14th, at 12pm EST on Instagram to talk about the areas of the body that often mystify us. It’s a shame-free way to raise your hand (by typing a message in the chat bar) and ask your question. I’ve had students admit they have no idea what their glutes are (butt muscles) or sternum (the bone in the centre of your chest). Maybe best of all, we are going to talk Pelvic floor health. You’re going to talk about Natalya.

We will shed some light on the muscles that live inside your pelvis, including your “stop pee” muscles and the ever-elusive pelvic floor. And if all this anatomy talk makes your head spin, it is okay because we will make it simple. Clear. Understandable. Kate is an expert. You can visit her website here. Plus, she’s a PBW member and a Pilates enthusiast. Great minds attract. You don’t want to miss our Candid Conversation today!


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