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How effective is Pilates?

I think the question should be how effective is PilatesBodyWorkout!

Pilates is a broad umbrella term that means many things to many people.

I can’t speak for what Pilates will be like in your city or a local studio, but I can tell you what separates PilatesbodyWorkout from all the others out there:


When I speak with applicants for the PilatesBodyWorkout program they often ask me what makes PBW so special.

My answer is always the same:

What gets measured, gets results.

PilatesBodyWorkout has a proven process delivered through a program that is individually created for you.

  • No random searching on YouTube.

  • No guessing what to do, for how long, with what intensity.

  • No lack of motivation with all of my accountability measures built right into the app

(Yes, I know when you logged in, if you logged in and if you did your workout to completion).

Plus you have me. I’ve been teaching for 20 years this September.

Twenty years of continuing education, working with clients with hip replacements, low back injuries, postnatal, prenatal, elite athletes to those who are rehabbing from severe cancer.

Ask yourself who you want to trust with your body?

That new, hip Instructor that has zero education or credibility?

Or the seasoned veteran that delivers results?

Last week about a dozen colleagues and friends emailed me a link to an article about a posh Pilates studio in L.A. that charges hundreds of dollars for a Pilates group class. They asked me, “Natalya, doesn’t this make you furious that they are charging these rates and the owner isn’t even fully certified to teach?!”

My answer was simple: “No. Good for her that she can market herself successfully without the general public even investigating her credentials to safely and effectively teach.”

It is no secret that the World Wide Web and social media have exploded with “fitness professionals,” all vying for your attention and hoping for your financial investment in the image they are selling.

If more consumers did some background research on the “fitness professional” they are purchasing from they’d probably be making better choices.

I pride myself on not only my years of experience but my professional acumen. You can check out my LinkedIn. You can read my bio. And you can view tons of testimonials.

I think the biggest difference between PBW and any other Pilates offering on the planet is that I really care about every single individual I work with. Are you part of my on-demand? I bet you’ve received several emails from me touching base. Are you a member of the PBW Transformation Program? I connect with you almost daily.

It’s not about volume for me.

I’m not interested in being famous.

I just want to impact YOUR life.

Change one life, one day at a time with PilatesBodyWorkout.




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