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I hear this all the time

"I can't feel my butt muscles working!" Your seat muscles are called your glutes. You have three separate buttocks muscles: Glute Maximus Glute Medius Glute Minimus They generically are just called your glutes and referred to as one muscle. One big reason is feeling, engaging, and sustaining the work of our glutes can be tricky because we sit a lot.

We sit too much! Sitting puts us into the opposite position that engages our glutes (Hip Flexion). You must open your hips (Hip extension) to feel your buttocks work. Examples include lying on your back, bridging, standing, and reaching your leg behind you. Firing up your glutes, feeling them, engaging them, and sustaining a contraction of your butt muscles on demand takes practice!

I've dedicated an entire PilatesBodyWorkout to this cause.

Strong glutes. Prevent injuries. Contribute to a better posture. Improve your performance in daily activities and exercise.

Bonus: They also look

so good

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