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PBW Holiday Sanity Guide

Stay on track during the holiday season The Holidays are here; however you celebrate the season, it can be stressful for many. I want to arm you with two PilatesBodyWorkout-inspired ways to thrive against all odds in the middle of the Holiday craziness: 1. Don't do with talking. What is better done by moving: Your family member said something infuriating? Hit the mat and take out those feelings with an ab burner or glutes quickie session. Your cheesecake just fell on the floor face first and isn't salvageable? Clock your 10,000 steps and walk to the grocery store to grab a new cake in the frozen section. Do you feel awful after a late night and too many libations? Nothing like a PilatesBodyWorkout Big Stretch session to get you tuned up. New motto: Moving your body over losing your cool. 2. Early to bed, early to rise: If you're serious about being in shape and staying in shape, you need to be serious our sleep. Yes, you read that right. When we are not sleeping, nothing else works. Set the alarm daily to go off at 8 or 9 pm to remind you to be in bed by 10 pm. Get up early. Be that early bird. The stress of being behind schedule disappears when we wake up early and bank some time. The next two weeks will fly by. So, allow me to take this opportunity while I have your attention to say: Happy Holidays!! Thank you for being a part of the PilatesBodyWorkout global community. I care deeply about what I do and about you! Here's to a wondefollowingrful, restful Holiday season. xo Natalya

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