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Pilates: Art or Exercise?

Art inspires my life. You can’t tell me that music doesn’t move you or that an extraordinary painting or performance hasn’t made time literally stop.

Pilates is a movement method. It’s exercise. But it can also be art. When you move your body you are expressing yourself.

Maybe that plank isn’t just a plank.

Maybe each movement is a sentence your body makes to express something too fine for words.

Did I lose you?

Too many metaphors?

Too cheesy?

Listen, right now we need something greater than ourselves to sustain us. Approaching your PBW segments with curiosity and with a sense that you are doing something far more important than calisthenics can bring new meaning and inspiration to something that seems like “just exercise.”

When you practice Pilates you are connecting with this miraculous body you live in to feel the feels from head to toe.

Here are a few ways I turn my personal Pilates sessions into a ritual I look forward to:

  1. Make it a regular and known activity: Everyone in my household knows that when I’m on my mat it’s my sacred time. Same goes for texts and calls. Don’t answer. It can wait.

  2. Make it special: Put on some fresh clothes that are comfortable to move in and make you feel good. Play some music from the PBW Spotify list or your own fav tunes. Get those essential oils diffusing in the room and make your PBW time special.

  3. Remind yourself of your why: Why do you practice PilatesBodyWorkout? Your individual why is important. Try to recall it when you step onto your mat.

  4. Dedicate it: Here’s one that always works for me. When I feel unmotivated I think of someone I love or someone who may be sick and cannot at the moment physically do Pilates and I dedicate my Pilates practice that day to them.

I hope these tips set you up to feel the Pilates feels.

Xo Natalya

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